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Making a Boutique Your Customer Part 2

Making a Boutique a Customer for your Jewelry

Making a Boutique Your Customer: The Preliminaries

Prior to approaching a boutique or gift shop about your product, plan an expedition to search for a store that might be a good fit with what you make. Visit the store first as a potential customer getting information about the type of merchandise the boutique offers.

While other articles pertaining to this topic may advise you to look for what you create that looks like the jewelry the store carries, this author suggests that you look for what the store doesn’t offer. Is there a gap that your product can fill? While you certainly wouldn’t necessarily want to try to get a boutique owner to offer funky style jewelry to go with suits and classic clothing, there may be a suitable variation you can offer that fits within the genre of the store. For example, if the store appears to predominantly offer long dangly silver and gold earrings, you might notice that it doesn’t have any of this style in copper. That’s a gap you might offer to fill.

While you are at the store, find out whether you are conversing with the store owner or a sales representative. Get the person’s name and remember it. You may want to take the boutique’s card and write that person’s name on it for future reference.

Once you determine what appears to be a mutual interest between you and a boutique owner, it’s time to set up an appointment and market your product. Watch for that topic in a following article, Making a Sale to a Boutique.

Karen Meador

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