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Turquoise Cabochons, Beads and Nuggets

Premium quality wholesale Turquoise gemstone beads for jewelry making and designing. Carefully selected gemstones help you create outstanding necklaces, bracelets and earrings. We do our best to disclose all treatments on our turquoise gemstone beads. Stabilization is used to make turquoise strong enough to use in jewelry and beads since turquoise is by nature a soft stone. It also sets the color since natural turquoise will turn colors over time from skin oils and environmental elements. Sometimes the beads are Color Shot, the stabilizing compound had color in it. Only 10% or less of all turquoise mined is gemstone quality which means it is strong enough to use as jewelry components without stabilization. This high grade turquoise is expensive and stabilization provides turquoise and turquoise beads that are reasonably priced.

Turquoise is hydrated aluminum copper phosphate that often contains iron. It ranges in color from white (though this is a hot topic among Turquoise experts as to whether it is really turquoise if it is white) to powder blue to sky blue and from blue green to yellowish green. While the blue color is derived from copper, the green stems either from iron or chromium. Due to the variations in turquoise, it is often referred to by the specific mine and location from which it is harvested as is the case in Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from the mine of the same name in Globe, Arizona. Since turquoise is somewhat soft, it is often treated for stability; yet, natural turquoise is available. Natural turquoise can, however, absorb body oils and darken or turn green over time. The geographic locations of turquoise mines include Australia, Africa, China, Europe, Mexico, Peru and the U.S.A. Turquoise is used by some for detoxification of alcohol, poisons or radiation. It is implied that this "stone of wholeness" nurtures a sense of unity between the self and all around us. Some feel it strengthens the immune system and stimulates tissue regeneration while helping in the absorption of nutrients.                             

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