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Hi, I just happened across your site while getting ideas for my wire wrap gemstones and sea glass.

The fact that you give away information, don’t insist personal information, has bought my business already.

To add to the joy (yes, I’m prone to hyperbole but I’m absolutely enchanted with your business model), you add stone treatment information rather than burying it somewhere.

It’s very important to me to be able to tell my customers the what’s been done to their stones, the quality, source and composition of the gems they buy.

I believe I’m the only vendor to have the FCC and AGIA disclosure booklets available at any festival I’ve attended.

You have a customer now and, if OK, I will use your page on stone treatments, with proper attribution of course, as a handout at my next festival the end of this month.

Brightest blessings,


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Stone Treatment Codes

(B) block
(C) coated
(D) dyed
(E) enhanced
(H) heated
(I) irradiation
(F) infused
(M) man made - synthetic
(N) natural
(O) oiled
(P) pressed
(S) stabilized
(W) waxed

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Emerald Gemstone Beads, Pendants and Cabochons

Premium quality wholesale Emerald gemstone beads, pendants and cabochons for jewelry making and designing. Carefully selected gemstones help you create outstanding necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Some of the Emeralds that we carry are lower grade bead quality and that is why the prices are so great. You can assume they have been oiled in the polishing process which is standard treatment of emeralds in the profession. The word emerald usually makes people think of green and this gemstone comes in a variety of green colors. Many jewelry makers enjoy designing with emeralds due to their rich color. The stone may contain small flaws, but these are part of the gemstone and not considered negative. Emeralds are quite porous and may be resin sealed for protection. This is fine as long as color is not added. The bulk of the world's emeralds are located in Brazil, Colombia and Zambia. Emeralds are thought to strengthen memory, quicken intelligence, and bring wisdom. The stone has also been used to drive away evil spirits and expose false friends. Some have used it to prevent attacks of epilepsy or to hold in the mouth as a cure for dysentery. Emeralds are said to preserve the chastity of the wearer and bring success in love.

Disclaimer: This information has come from many sources. We are not responsible for the information presented on this page expressed or implied about the suitability of this stone for healing or for curing diseases. The information here is provided for you to make your own decisions and has not been evaluated or approved by FDA or any other agencies. This list is protected by copyright. If you should decide to use it you must link to this page as the source and to Dr. Karen Meador as the Author.
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