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Hi, I just happened across your site while getting ideas for my wire wrap gemstones and sea glass.

The fact that you give away information, don’t insist personal information, has bought my business already.

To add to the joy (yes, I’m prone to hyperbole but I’m absolutely enchanted with your business model), you add stone treatment information rather than burying it somewhere.

It’s very important to me to be able to tell my customers the what’s been done to their stones, the quality, source and composition of the gems they buy.

I believe I’m the only vendor to have the FCC and AGIA disclosure booklets available at any festival I’ve attended.

You have a customer now and, if OK, I will use your page on stone treatments, with proper attribution of course, as a handout at my next festival the end of this month.

Brightest blessings,


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(O) oiled
(P) pressed
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Overall Rating: 100.00%
Average Rating: 10.00/10
The customer service is beyond compare - Wendy worked with me while I worked with my client to make sure they got just what they were looking for!
Laura R.
Received my order yesterday. The faceted gems are beautiful and can't wait to use them. Thank you for shipping them so quickly.
Judy H.
I just love your stuff thank you so much for all the lovely stones and extra help!
I love your store! I just received an order and I'm so impressed. I've ordered a few times over the years and I'm never disappointed. Everything you have is so beautiful and of great quality.
Your stones are beautiful and just as presented. I appreciate that!! Will be ordering again!! Thank you!
Absolutely the best place to buy gemstones. Excellent quality, honest portrayal, good prices, quick turnaround, the very best customer service, and generous website. Tutorials, customer show cases, info on gemstones, easy navigation, and PayPal. You absolutely cannot go wrong ordering from Magpie Gemstones. Wendy is carrying on Szarka’s excellence in all respects. I appreciate this beyond measure.
Kathy Eaton, Kathy Eaton Designs
I want to contribute my sincere gratitude for your gorgeous picturesque beads, your salubrious manner and the entertaining website you provide. It is so fun to spend time looking over the current offerings and not only that, but be able to look at the photos accumulated of past inventory and your jewelry.

I love seeing the layout of the orders, artfully displayed and thoughtfully photographed. (On the Facebook Group.)

What could be more beautiful and satisfying than being drenched with color daily.

I am image-ing that Szarka and Gibby must have immensely radiant auras from constant touching and gazing at the most sumptuous beads to be found.

It is a privilege to collect your beads for my creations. And even more your own creations are always so inspiring to me that I want to emulate them, but alas have to do it with different Szarka beads as you have the incredible selection from many decades and I am working on it just more recently.

I am awaiting my latest order and that is always a delightful experience. Things are carefully wrapped, always arriving perfect, every time. Some are closed up in an extra bubble wrap mailer and/or a nice jewelry box with tape that peels off and leaves all the box intact so it is reusable. This is well thought out creating little waste and a nice touch.

I am sure that at least 95% of my gemstone beads come from here. Thank you Szarka & Gibby!

Zen Rose
Just a Very Groooovy site for gems, jewelry,fun and service. They Rock!
marge dooley
There is only one place I buy my stone beads. This is it. There is not another vendor out there as honest, well priced, professional and customer service oriented anywhere. Magpie Gemstones is not only knowledgeable, but freely shares expertise, know how and only sells quality. The package arrives safely, quickly, and there is never an unpleasant surprise. I rarely make it to the door from the mailbox without opening my packet for a peek. It really is better than a visit to a favorite bakery.

Karen Sawyer
I just received my order today WOW ,they are so much prettier in person, thank you both for all your hard work to bring us high quality gems ,and really love the videos too,great idea!! and all your knowledge is exceptional!
Thanks again

My comments about Magpie Gemstone Should Be written in the Guinness World of Records for having the best of everything. First and foremost,
* Trust
* Morals
* Outstanding quality
* Hand-picked gems by Szarka & her Staff
* Best customer service
* New gems listed continuously
* GREAT SALES passed on to us
* Try them,you’ll be back for more
* ETC. My favorite go-to store
Betsy Rovetto
I have made several purchases from Magpie and have never been disappointed. The shipping is always quick and arrives safely and wrapped securely. The customer service is top notch and you can feel safe in getting real gemstones not fakes.In this day and age there are so many people trying to pass off low quality and fake gemstones that you have to be very careful. With Magpie I know I am getting just what they say it is. I highly recommend Magpie to anyone!
Cathy Voss, Kiss The Moon Gems
Szarka always has nice looking gemstones. Many companies will sell strings of beads with a bunch of broken ones, that doesn't happen here. My orders always arrive in a timely manner and in good condition. I love that Szarka has done videos showing how to create different jewelry. She is very personable and I feel that if anyone has a problem with their order, she will make it right for you.
Ruth Moldan
10 being the best in my book. I can always trust Szarka's quality. If I'm buying loose stones I know that they have been culled by cut, color and size to be as similar as possible. I love the close up pictures and the fact that she is incredibly knowledgeable about her merchandise. Plus I learn lots of new and interesting facts and I've been working with gemstones for 25 years.
Robbie Sheehan, Robbie Sheehan
I have ordered several thousand dollars worth of gemstones from you over about 3 years. I have never been disappointed in the quality of the stones. Always exactly as described, the pictures on here are good, but can never do the real thing justice.

I will always order my goodies from you. Well, unless I'm picking them up from Kateri in person at a gem show.

Thank you so much for the care you take in putting together our orders, fulfilling special requests to the best of your ability, matching pairs, etc.

The ordering process is easy, your customer service can't be beat, your inventory is amazing, and I can't thank you enough for your awesome discounts with larger orders!
Teena Welch
I always love ordering from Magpie Gemstones. I can rely on the quality of the stones I order. I know I will receive good quality at a fair price. I have bought stones, pearls and metal findings from Szarka over many years. The fast, friendly service and attention to quality products are why I continue to buy from Magpie Gemstones. I’m so glad to have found a reliable source for my jewelry making needs.
Harriet Hicks, Retired
Hi Szarka & Gibby;

My deepest sincerest compliments of gratitude for all you both
do to help me find the best & highest quality gemstones. All the assortments & varieties are amazing. The cuts alone are incredible . It is an honor to purchase from you . The time & precision put into each carefully selected stone is ever so amazing; the Schiller, the faceted cuts & styles you have it .

It's always delivered & wrapped carefully arriving in a timely fashion safely to me . Thanks for your generous help .
Sincerely ;
Sharon Zoller
Sharon Zoller
I dont remember how long I've been shopping with Magpie but its been awhile. I honestly cant say what I appreciate and value most, the value of their products, the integrity, the willingness to help educate her buyers, the personal customer service or knowing when I buy turquoise I can do it without a second thought. How many gemstone suppliers will match beads in pairs by special request or monitor multiple forms of communication to correct an error a customer made? I'll be a Magpie customer as long as they are in business.
Lisa Riley, Sophisticated Hippie
Beautiful gems! Fair pricing! And Szarka takes care to match up pairs when possible. Even goes the extra mile to try to find the gem I need when I let her know. Fabulous service.
I have ordered several times from Magpie, and have been very happy with each purchase. I know that I can trust these are genuine gemstones and not fake dyed stones like I have seen on other sites. Prices are great, shipping is fast. I would recommend this site to anyone who wants great quality gemstones.
I will order again from this site.
Debbie M
I really like Magpie. I can trust that the material I receive will be exactly as described. I trust Szarka. That’s a good thing.
Nancy Koehler, McKenzie’s Jewelry
Magpie always has a great selection, fine quality and wonderful people to work with. I appreciate the quality, selection and Sazarkas willingness to share her knowledge and insight. It's nice to have such a variety of stones in one place! Also, great resource information plus hands on helpful video tutorials.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you!
lynne, lspHeart Jewelry Designs
I am ALWAYS delighted to see the quality of gemstones Magpie Gemstones delivers! Each and every shipment has met and exceeded my expectations!

These gems are gorgeous as well as very reasonably priced! I only wish I could pick up a winning lottery ticket because there are so many beautiful stones in Szarka's shop calling my name.

Magpie Gemstones also offers educational demos and chats online to make the already wonderful service outstanding!

Join the group, browse the shop, you will for sure find something gorgeous you need to have!

Thanks, Szarka! I'll be back!
Becky Huebner, Crazy Aggie
Hi Szarka,

I always trust the quality of your stones to be just like if I had hand picked them myself. Most of the time I purchase from Texas Magpie Kateri and always love everything I get. Just had to post on my latest purchase from you, 10MM AA Kyanite. They are Spectacular and I can't wait to design with them. Also loving the center drilled quartz points and Amethyst slice pendants.
Hard to believe Tucson Gem Show is just around the corner.Hoping to get there this year myseld but also know I can trust you to pick the Best if I don't make it!

Happy Holidays,
Sandie Shopp
Sandie Shopp, Beadstringer Jewelry Designs
I'm so happy with my purchases from Magpie! The service is incredible, and the beads are so beautiful. Today's order gave me chills :) The free beads, which I wasn't expecting, are stunning as well. Feeling lots of bead love today!

I just happened across your site while getting ideas for my wire wrap gemstones and sea glass.

The fact that you give away information, don’t insist personal information, has bought my business already. To add to the joy (yes, I’m prone to hyperbole but I’m absolutely enchanted with your business model), you add stone treatment information rather than burying it somewhere.

It’s very important to me to be able to tell my customers the what’s been done to their stones, the quality, source and composition of the gems they buy.

I believe I’m the only vendor to have the FCC and AGIA disclosure booklets available at any festival I’ve attended.

You have a customer now and, if OK, I will use your page on stone treatments, with proper attribution of course, as a handout at my next festival the end of this month.

Brightest blessings,
Hi there Szarka,

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the information you share so freely on your website, Magpie Gemstones.

I have been making jewelry, on and off, for a little over 4 decades and recently I've picked up my jewelry tools and beads again. I have to say, I have not seen anyone so giving of themselves anywhere or at anytime in all these years, share such pertinent information. There really is something for everyone throughout your website, no matter what a person thinks they know!

At the moment I am going over your articles for selling jewelry on-line and I'm very pleased with them. It seems you have quite a knack for all of it, you have covered all your bases and it's just a complete circle. You are a "stand-up" person with rare qualities and morals, which is something many lack these days. I hope all of that becomes infectious and spreads to all who read your articles and purchase any of your products.

Once again Szarka, thank you for everything you are doing and have done. You are truly an asset to society!

You get this rating on outstanding customer service alone! You took the time to find the larimar beads I needed to make earrings for a customer after I couldn't find them on your website anymore. I'm always delighted with the beads I get from you, and I know I'll love this order as well!

Carol Wilson, Silver Star Enterprises
Just today I was looking through my stash to see what I wanted to use with a strand of aquamarine facetted nuggets. They were a Christmas gift from a good friend. I heard myself saying, I will use the crystal quartz beads from Szarka, because I know they are real and very good quality. I have been saving them for something special. That is how I feel about doing business with Magpie . They are dependably honest and give great quality.
Harriet Hicks
I love everything I have ever ordered from Magpie! I also love knowing that you guys are committed to selling high quality! I know I can always find the real gemstones I'm looking for at Magpie!
Sarah, Bonnie Lass Beauty
I just wanted to let you know how much I love the beads and stones I get from you. Also, it takes less time to get an order from Omak, WA, that from Fort Worth,TX!

Gotta love the mail service. Thanks again for such wonderful, quality products and fabulous service.

And, I love the facebook group - such a nice encouraging group.

Merry Christmas.

Mary Graff
Gorgeous lemon quartz. The thick triangular cut is really nice. I have not found this cut anywhere else online. Great prices, too! The excellent quality of the stones really surprised me. And I like the size for this cut. It brings out the best in this stone. The beads arrived so fast. I will definitely shop at Magpie Gemstones again. You carry some wonderful beads.

By the way, the neat little size chart for stones, on the back of your business card, is very handy. Nice touch.


Julie DuVal
Dear Szarka & Gibby--
OMG! Just got my order, with the very first cabachons I've ever bought. Have no idea how long it'll be before I get the hang of wrapping them, but sooner or later I'll get there! ;-) For the moment, I'm just gonna admire them & get some visions dancing in my head!
Everything you sent is absolutely GORGEOUS & I think it's safe to say I'll get all my gemstones from Magpie from now on! I have sooo many beads at this point its unreal, but that has never stopped me from ordering more. Have been waiting for you to get settled in since your move(back?) to WA, but I can honestly say it was worth the wait!
Thank You so much!
Hi Szarka! My name is Lecia (Lisa - you'll have to ask my mother about that!) Woessner & I am a beginner to this whole jewelry making life. Well, that's not totally true, what I should say is that I'm new at getting serious about starting my own jewelry business! It is truly my passion & my dream!

For about 9 months to a year, I have been sitting in this chair, scouring the internet for tutorials, instructions, inspiration, ideas & directions on how to go about this. That is how I happened upon You! It was on You Tube actually. Thank you so much for those videos! They have helped me immensely. Things are coming along for me slowly, but they are coming along. I actually placed my first order for sterling silver wire last week & I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival! I'm super nervous! But, that brings me back to you, your videos on You Tube, your fb site & your websites will be there to help! I just wanted to tell you that I've seriously looked at a million blogs, websites,etc. trying to find help & you are by far the most generous person that I have come across. Everybody these days have tutorials for sale... which is great, but, not for someone in my financial position. So, I really have to tell you Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Thank you for taking the time to do all of the things that you do to help other people. Your generous spirit & genuine interest in helping others are qualities that I haven't seen very much of in this online stuff! I get this good vibe from you when I'm watching your videos!

Please know that I am not some kind of a stalker or weirdo! I just felt the urge to say Thanks & to let you know that someone out in cyberspace really appreciates what you do!
I just received my order [Order ID: 18785] of Larimar nuggets and a Larimar heart-shaped pendant. They are absolutely gorgeous! And your website's representation of them was spot on; they look exactly as they looked on-line and that is rare. It is difficult to always get a true view of what's being purchased but you've done it. Your site has some unusual gemstones and I'll definitely visit/buy again.
Peyton Collier-Kerr
Dear Magpie friends,
I am just over the moon about the grade AAA rhodochrosite you got in ! Pink is one of my favorite colors and I have always wanted a really fine Rhody specimen to work up. I found it today @ Turquoise Magpie. Already wrote a testimonial last year, but I must again thank you for your gorgeous gemstones, 100% reliable quality ( & honesty if they aren't perfect ), speed of delivery, and just generally great and friendly service. Unfortunately it isn't often enough that one finds a company that embodies these business practices matter what their hype may want you to believe. Y'all are -as the kids say now - "Epic !" Love ya', Janet
The beads always arrive in a timely manner. I've always purchased from the website, and mostly from the Super Sales and have been impressed with the high quality of the product. Sometimes, you never know what you are going to get when an item is on a clearance sale. I know that I never have to worry about Magpie Gemstones' products. When anything is on Super Sale it just means that I get to benefit from old product going out and also new product going in! I also scored a great deal on the Ebay store. I'm trying some new gemstones there, so I'm extra excited to get a great deal knowing they will still be great quality. I'm sure my husband isn't happy I found your site, but I'm thankful to have such a great supplier for my bead addiction!
I received my order 2 days ago and upon opening my parcels was very very impressed with the quality of the beads. The rectangle Aventurine is just perfect as are the round beads too. All arrived in excellent condition to Australia and quickly too. I am delighted with my first experience with Magpie Gemstones as I am with the quality of my order. Like some others found you by accident looking at YouTube, thank you very much.
Susanne Jacobs, zans dezines
I just received my latest order from Magpie Gemstones and I am once again compelled to shout to the world what a fantastic bead supplier you (all) are!! My very well packaged orders always arrive quickly and I am so excited I put off anything else I have to do when I get home and rip open the box. I can tell you right now, I am NEVER disappointed. The quality of the beads is so amazing that part of me doesn't even want to use them in my jewelry. I just want to hang the strands on the wall and admire them. Thank you again for being such an amazing group of people offering phenomenal products and service. You have a customer for life!
Melisa C, CC Creations
It's about time you got this kind of quality AND quantity of feedback on your fab products! I'm hoping I'll soon have some income tax funds to play with. If not, know that I'm still your Number One Fan, whether I can buy any of your awesome gemstones or not.
D'Ann Smith
I agree; I have been a customer since about 2004 I think - you always know what you are getting or even more surprised when the pictures don't capture the total beauty of the stone - great customer service and great discount structure if you are buying more than just a few things - I love them also - thanks Szarka!!
Laura Williams
I wish I could give Magpie Gemstones a 20. A 10 just isn't high enough. I love this company more than words can say. They are honest, their stones are of the highest quality and always match the picture, and their customer service is top notch as well. AND they have great prices. Usually you only get two out of three but they manage to do it all. I rarely go anywhere else for gemstones and only do so reluctantly when I'm looking for something special and they don't have it.

Thanks much! So glad I found you.
Deb Davis, Natural Treasures by Deb
I just received my order of tigers eye and I'm happier than a six year old on Christmas morning. This is my second order of tigers eye and the colors and shine of these stones just can't be shown properly in a photo. They are beautiful and silky and liquid looking. I love working with these and I get loads of compliments on them every time I wear or show them. Thank you so much for having such high standards and being such a reliable shop to buy my gemstones with. I truly appreciate the work you put into your business and as a result into ours.
Michelle Jolley

I just received my order and I am blown away. Amongst my order were close-out beads, the new Lapis beads, and a wide host of others!! I am always amazed at the incredible quality every time I receive a Magpie Gemstone order! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work at ensuring your customers get the best deal possible on such excellent quality beads and stones! ♥
Heather Rats, Mama's Craftroom

I got my order in, and may I just say WOW!!! The titanium druzy is STUNNING, and the Citrine one is just amazing!! The close-out rose quartz is beautiful. But my favorite is the faceted Amazonite tear drops!!! OM MY GOSH They are STUNNING... Thank you!! I should be ordering one more order before I am "done" spending with you! hehehe!
Califia Hurtado
I am absolutely amazed! I received the beads today....48 hours after I placed the order....and they are gorgeous! I am always critical and rarely satisfied. What you sent me exceeds every expectation I had. The beads are beautiful. They are exactly the image I was dreaming about and envisioning for my mala. I even teared up a bit when I opened the beautifully secured and packaged treasure. I will be referring everyone I know to your website, and you have definitely made a customer for life. Thank you for being instrumental in making this world a more beautiful place. I send this to you with love and light.
received my third order today from you guys.
it really makes my have beautiful stones!!
some i put away to be used when i am more competant and can do them the justice they so deserve, some i make up which is just pure pleasure, opening up a whole new 'dreamscape' of creativity...and some just sit happily on my desk because i have fallen in love with them and just want to keep them :)
(naughty night-flite).
just want to say thank-you; i love your beads; all the best to you and i look forward to shopping with you often in the future. tyvvm
night-flite, dreamscapeixl
Just want to say that I just opened my order, and it was Christmas early. You did it again! The most gorgeous, well represented beads I am yet to find anywhere. The freebie surprise was awesome and not a dorky little spit of beads, either - awesome labradorite tubes with lots fire on a few. Thanks, and now I have to get to the bench and get busy!

Have a wonderful holiday, and hope that next year is even more successful for you.

Karen Sawyer
Szarka, I have to say that I don't understand some of the people who are not pleased with what they get from you. I have ordered lots and am always excited when your package comes, and much quicker than anyone could expect! Everything I get from you is top quality, and just as expected. It is hard to resist buying beads from you every week! But, we are just a small business, my husband and I, and have only been making jewelry a couple of years. We still have a lot to learn, and do learn a lot from the information you post and the tutorials.

Thank you so very much!
Colleen Lentini, Eagle Rock Crafts
Just a quick note of appreciation...received my first order from you a couple days ago. I was very impressed with my experience. The beads are of high quality, exceeded my expectations...they are beautiful! Your website is well done, the ordering process was straightforward, the order was filled accurately and promptly, packaged very well, and arrived very quickly. Thank you so much! I will certainly be ordering from you again.

Everyone did a great job!
Phil, Crooked Lake Studios
I have ordered gemstones from many sources, and I must say that I have found no better quality, service, or business practices than Szarka/Turquoise Magpie's. I so appreciate that what you see in the photos is what you get, no sorting through and weeding out the "tossers" as is the case with other companies. The prices are very fair for the quality and service. Sure you can find cheaper made, but you get what you pay for with Szarka and she always discloses everything she knows about her gemstones so you know exactly what you are getting. I know this is long but I have been waiting for this new website so I could rave about her & her company! Also love her tutorials, special sales, newsletter, etc.
Janet Dawson, Earthly Treasures
It has been a bit since I have visited and I want to say that once again you had just what I wanted "Green Magnesite Graduated Slabs". No one else has them, I will put it this way I have not been able to find them.

I am so grateful that I can count on you to have just what I am looking for. I love the fact that I know that if I need a certain stone that I know that you will have it . Again, thank you. One very happy customer. Teresa
I have made several purchases from Magpie Gemstones. I have been extremely happy with the beads I received. The shipping is fast and free!! The site is my go to for quality product. I have told all friends about this store!!
Cindi Buckles Thomas
I have ordered from you several times and am always more than pleased with your gemstones and the speedy service. The last time I ordered stones, I wanted 2 specific shapes of labradorite cabochons, so I called you in hopes of receiving something similar to what I wanted. Gibby answered the phone and was kind enough to go through the cabs for me and pick out the ones I wanted. They are beautiful! Lots of flash just as Gibby promised! Thank you so much for your over and above attitude when it comes to pleasing your customers!!
Jacki, Stump/Wishing Well Designs Jeweled Creations
Hello, I just received my first order from Magpie Gemstones; I am beyond pleased with the quality of your product and your careful packaging of my order. I think you’ve also set a record on shipment time! I placed my order on Thursday afternoon and received my order Monday morning. Your product is beautiful, your service is outstanding and what you give back to all of us designer/artists is just incredible, the more I look on your website the more I see of you giving back all of your years of experience and knowledge of this business to us newbies just starting out on our journey. I cannot thank you enough for everything you do and everything you stand for. Kind regards, From an extremely happy new client! Skye Fresh
Skye Fresh
Hi Szarka, Just wanted to let you know that I received my order and the beads are beautiful, as always! I really enjoy your newletters and have learned a lot about the different types of beads/stones from the information you provide. And if I have a question about jewelry making techniques, I look at your site first. Thanks very much!
Hello Szarka, Quite by accident, I was fortunate enough to find your website. All I can say is WOW! Not only is your works of art incredibly beautiful and creative, but your ethics and the whole sharing of information and your tutorials is just awesome! What a great way of doing business! I just started making jewelry for myself a few month ago because I cringe at what I have to pay for costume jewelry that usually is made of some form of plastic or resin. I also hate knowing that I'm wearing the same thing as a gazillion other people. I have always been a creative person and have found great joy with making myself jewelry. I'm a military spouse so my budget is tight and I don't have access to classes so I'm learning much from the internet - I so appreciate your tutorials and the fact that you are willing to share them for free! I WILL be buying beads from you in the future and have told all my friends of your beautiful work and web sites. Sincerely, Michelle
Hi , I'm one of many very, very satisfied customers of Magpie Gemstones. All their items are great quality and great prices. Their customer service is the best too !!!I have also had the pleasure to Meet Szarka, Katira, and her young daughter. That was such a pleasure too..all 3 were so sweet, nice and real...
Hi.. I love getting orders from Magpie...also use the tutorials to learn new glad I added Szarka and Magpie to my FB friends...
Dear Szarka,

I just wanted to let you know I received both of my orders. The 16mm round kyanite is absolutely amazing. I have never seen kyanite rounds in this size before. My turquoise order is pretty special too. I always know that when I order from you I will be sure of receiving good quality stones. As always it will be difficult to part with any of it and I imagine I will keep it around to 'play' with for a while! Thank you so much for the gifts. They are greatly appreciated and I will put them to good use.

Again thank you.

Hello! Thank you for offering such WONDERFUL gemstones!!! I absolutely love them! I usually won't buy on-line, because too often you find that what you receive doesn't agree with the photos. But you always describe (AND picture) your stones accurately. Bless you!!!!

Hello! I just wanted to drop in and tell you how much of a pleasure it was finally seeing your gems at the show in Georgetown this weekend! Your daughter was amazing and I had the best experience! I've been wanting to order from your website and am so grateful that I finally got to see the gems up close and personal! I had such a great experience the first day that I had to go again the second day.....without the kids!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for having such a great shop and being so kind and generous! You defiantly have a new customer. And I'm looking forward to doing business with you a lot more in the future!

Keep doing what you're doing! You're awesome!

Jenn Stuart
Everytime I receive a package from Szarka...I am soooooo happy. The beads are always so beautiful and as with most items of this type...more beautiful than a photo can show.

This time I bought a wonderfully card cat...for my Cattery!

As always, thanks, Szarka for your service, your ethics and your beautiful gemstones!

Barbara Johnson
Wow is all I can say!

I just happen to see your message/posting on Yahoo groups and just clicked on one of your links. I think it was the one about beads back in stock. OMG I stayed on your site for over an hour and a half. Your information articles (ie..selling, pricing, etc..) were simply the best I have ever read since I decided to launch my website last month and begin to show my jewlery. Again I say OMG, I could have stayed on there longer, but work was callling LOL..... Your prices are great also on some of your beads. Your page is simply one of the BEST I have seen so far. I just couldnt get over how helfpful it was for me. Thank you so much for all that help you give all of us beginners. And yes I did sign up for the newsletter, how could I not! Maria Sandoval
Maria Sandoval,
OMG! I got my package today! The Amazonite is beyond beautiful...the color is so rich! The Peruvian bottles I picked are so cool! And the! =) I am one happy artist!
Deborah L Gray-Wurz
Hi I have just discovered your website. You have some great products and prices and I hope to place an order soon. However, i wanted to drop a quick note and express my thanks for your great posts dealing with several of the aspects of running a jewelry business. I have just recently started my jewelry business and your articles are extremely helpful. It isn't often that a company decides to foster success by building community - I love the sentiment and will make every effort to "play it forward".

Sincere thanks, Lisa Priestley
Lisa Priestley
I am so glad I found your website!!! IT'S AWESOME!!! Although I am not new to the arts/crafts world, I am new to jewelery making. I have been doing it for about a year now and have attended a few local craft shows. I have been looking for a website like yours for some time. I have been reading the articles and coming back over and over again to read some more. Your information on items such as the Conversion chart and the Hardness of Gemstones as well as the medicinal uses for stones, I never even thought of until I came across them. I thank you for sharing your knowledge and advice and am anxious to put many of your ideas and suggestions to use. I want to make my jewelry business work and with your helpful tips I should be able to just that!

Thanks so much!

Deb Frank "Jewelry Designs by Deb"
Anonymous, Jewelry Designs by Deb
I received my order today and was amazed at how fast it arrived. The beads are fabulous and I will definitely return for more. Everything was packed nicely. Thank you for the wonderful beads and service.

Happy Holidays, Linda
Linda Stadler
Hi Szarka, Ky and Kateri,

The lovely beads arrived from our Ebay adventure the end of last week. We had freezing rain, so Jim careful slipped out to the mailbox to get them. Thank you Ky for all of your help getting the order through. And thanks Kateri for packaging them and the free gifts. Szarka, thanks for picking such beauties for all of us to raid.

Hope you are all doing well.

I received my larimar focal pieces and was overjoyed with them and with the gifts you provided. I absolutely love working with larimar. It is so beautiful!
Hi! Just received my package this morning and let me tell you how much I LOVE your gemstones (always have)! The picture jasper pendant is unbelievably beautiful and the labradorite cab has that iridescence that is amazing. Love the rose quartz pendant too! And thank you for replacing the mahogany obsidian pendant that you were out of with the donut. That was very thoughtful :))

Blessings, Shauna
I am a jewelry designer trying to establish a home based jewelry selling business. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all the tutorial information your website offers. Your compassion and cumulative knowledge are a great blessing to people like me. G-d bless you all for your kindness.

J.P. Harris Miller H and M Studios
J.P. Harris Miller
I have bought from you at shows and now I've received my first order from you from the on-line store. Beautiful quality in the gemstones!! I will be ordering more from your on-line store. Great shipping time and wonderful stones. Thank you for quality.
Silver Moon Studio
I just wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you that the bamboo coral stick beads were a perfect match! I received them on Monday! I thank you so much for all your help, and in getting me the supplies to be successful so quickly! You are AWESOME! I tell all my friends about you! I am so glad I stumbled upon your store!! Your store is THE BEST place to get high quality beads and things! Not to mention such great service!! Thank YOU SO MUCH!!!!
Karen Sager

The beads just arrived. And naturally they are beautiful. I would love to buy pounds and pounds of pearls from you. Alas, the bank account does not see that as being possible.

You know how all of us rave about your beads and service. Well, I put in an order for some things that you don't carry before ordering this last order from you. Theirs has not arrived yet. Naturally you beat them hands down.

Thanks for the beauties.

Received everything is GREAT shape...They are A+! Can't " Thank All of You enough for the help you gave me!" You are wonderful people!

The beads are GORGEOUS! The pendants are SUPERB! I wanted to jump up and down, but still can't...but soon!

Take care!
Dear Szarka, Just want to say THANK YOU for the spectacular gemstones! The kyanite is perfect, way beyond my expectations! The opal quartz is gorgeous, the colors are wonderful, just so darn pretty!! I'm still drooling over the emerald hearts....and the green opal coins are just what i needed. All the rest of the order was a delight to open, like a giant holiday gift! So pleased with the quality! Thanks again, I'm telling all my friends about you!
Cookie Northway, Cookies Dragons
Hi there. I just wanted to let you know that I got my goodies yesterday and was amazed to find that the quality was even better than the pictures led me to expect. Now I'm going to get off the computer and go play with my new beads and my pliers!

I'll be back to order more later!
OMG I got my order today(lol not the one you mailed today,) and I am so impressed!!

First of all that big ol hunk of bronzite is to die for!! As soon as I get my check in the bank I'll be ordering some more!!! The jasper cab is gorgeous and surprise the new jade goes perfectly with it!! The zebra jasper has such great patterns!! And oh my gosh! I've never had hematite before, it's so pretty and fun!!! LOL

I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous package and warn you I'll be back!!! LOL
I just can't believe how honest,fair,giving,informative,surprising,warm, generous you are and did I mention how much I love your stones? Thank You for the Labradorite buy. The Moonstones I purchased off your e-bay site were exceptional I don't think I bought enough. Where'd my money go??
Jan from San Diego
Dear Szarka - I just got another wonderful order from you - and so fast! I want to let you know that I got an incredible buy on 4 of the most beautiful amethyst cabachons I have seen - such a deep color - I can't wait to use them. The prehnite cabachon is gorgeous. The three labradorite cabachons are spectacular - again the quality is so welcome! Oh, and the little fetish bear beads - the one with the bear looking up - are great - very nice beads - wonderful polish! I buy most of my beads from Magpie Gemstones - I know I will get quality and excellent service. Thanks for being there, Szarka!
Barbra, Wired Women Designs, Alaska
I received my first order from Magpie Gemstones yesterday. I am so impressed! I actually received real gemstone beads! I have been ordering beads from many different companies for several years and I must say a large part of the time I receive poor, low quality beads. I am so glad I found Magpie Gemstones. My order came super fast, too! Thank you!!
Colleen Burnett
I just recently started doing price and quality comparisons on your gemstone beads. On some occasions I might have been able to come close in matching the price, but when I click to see the actual product..well... there is NO COMPARISON. Your beads are by far the best in price and quality!!!

Thanks for best prices, best quality and most importantly" PROMPT DELIVERY TIME". Thanks again
It's raining pearls, pearls and more pearls (and other wonderful jewels)! As you can tell, my order was received this morning. As always, the beauties are superb! And thank you so much for the gift - you didn't have to do that but the silver is very much appreciated! Still don't know how you get things out so fast, especially after that glitch. Think you have a magic mail wand or something!

As always, Szarka, it's a pleasure spending money with you (:

Peace and joy to you . . .
I received my order today. I wasn't even expecting to see it yet.

Thank you for such prompt service. I LOVE my rhodocrosite with pyrite coins. They are even more beautiful than the picture!
Hi - received my first order from you today and the beads were perfect. Never know for sure ordering on the net. I usually only buy a few things to see how the quality is but yours looked so good online and your jewelry is beyond beautiful. Thanks - I will become a loyal customer for sure and have already told a couple of people to check out your site.
Dear Szarka, My gemmies just arrived and I am totally blown away by the quality of each and every one of them. My only regret is I cannot buy MORE each time. Your shipping is the fasted in the west and your service is the best on the internet. My heartfelt thanks for gorgeous gemmies and beads at a price that allows us to create wonderful things. Until next very best to you.
Beverly Jane
Dear Szarka--

You probably have not idea how exciting it is to go to the mailbox a few days after placing an order with Magpie Gemstones, see your package, open it up, and enjoy all the goodies you sent me. And no, it's not that I live such a boring life, it's because every single order I have received from you is filled with beautiful stones and beads and I just love them. Szarka, you rock!

Thank you, and I can't wait for the next newsletter to see what you've got in store. Until then--

My best regards.

I received my order today and can't tell you how pleased I am! This is my first foray into Hubei turquoise, I bought the nuggets and I am totally blown away by their beauty.

The Sleeping Beauty is lovely as well..but I guess that goes without saying :-)

Your prices are fair and the shipping was timely. I want to thank you for the gift as well! I will certainly recommend you to all my friends.

Thanks again, I'm positive you will be seeing more of me in the near future.
I have ordered from Magpie at three times and everything has been exquisite. If there have been errors, they have been on my side, not really paying attention to the size, but it allows me to become more creative. Shipping is secure and usually arrives in 2-3 days regular mail from TX to WI. Can hardly wait until I find more yummies that I cannot afford, but are MUST HAVES!
Chris Z
Once again, Szarka, I'm blown away by the new gems that came in yesterday! Am like a kid at Christmas time! Especially love the chrysoprase nuggets and the rhodochrosite with pyrite - both absolutely beautiful. But everything is! Have to laugh at the candy jade - boy, do they ever look like gumballs! Not something I'd normally order, but I think simple bracelets, etc. made from them would sell here.

Now I have to find the Muse again and start making things! Actually finished a piece yesterday using some turquoise tubes bought from you. Will send a pic once the horribly cold wind dies down and I can get out on the porch to take photos.

Your quality and your service is always top-notch. You know I'll definitely be back (:(:(:

Thanks once again. Peace and joy.
OH how I love to go to your sight. I know that I can find something - I am on a fixed income and you just don't know what a blessing your are. Thank for have the wonderful items on sale and the other prices so that others like myself are able to get materials that we need to make respectable looking jewelry that we can be proud of . Again Thank you so much Teresa

I will be back :0)
Hi, Szarka.

Just a short note to say you have outdone yourself this time on the beauty and the quality of the stones I received yesterday! Couldn't wait to delve into the package (: Dare I say that I'm probably going to keep the variscite for myself? This will be the first time I will use the stone - and definitely won't be my last. The color is sublime. The sunstone is absolutely beautiful - such flash! I actually gasped when I held up the andalusite briolettes - exquisite. Will have to get a few more the next time I order. The turquoise rice beads are fun. I see some Thai silver combining with them for a sweet little necklace. And the shell daisy pendant just makes me smile and reminds me that spring is just around the corner (hopefully!).

A lot of superlatives for this order, but they don't really explain the feeling of holding these stones in hand. About as close to a spiritual experience as I get (wait! add sunsets, flowers, birds, my dogs, the marshes, trees, frogs, the mountains, traveling, just sitting and looking - guess I have more of those experiences than I thought!). Anyway, I hope you get the picture.

As always, it's a great pleasure to buy stones from you, Szarka, an on-line vendor who can be trusted to deliver what she promises. Am never disappointed!

Peace and joy . . . Catherine
Your beautiful gemstone beads just arrived and, as always, take my breath away. Such beautiful gemmie beads at prices that I can afford is truly wonderful. Thank you so very much Szarka for helping all of us to make gorgeous jewelry.
Beverly Jane
Hello, Szarka

Just want to thank you for being so prompt and reliable. You are absolutely tops; your gemstones are exceptional, and I trust you to sell the very best. Glad to have found you. Wish I could buy 'em all!
Dear Szarka! I just wanted to say "Thank you!!!" for all the work you are doing, for giving joy to all people, who love to create beautiful things from those stones of yours, for doing outstanding work on keeping prices low - THANK YOU!!! :))

I wish you in the coming New Year peace in your soul and sun in your heart, success in all your undertakings, prosperity to your business, and -

A health to you, A wealth to you, And the best that life can give to you!

Have great holidays! Sincerely yours, Tatiana
Hi, Szarka. Just wanted to let you know that I opened the package of new jewels about 3 minutes ago and couldn't wait to email you how much I love everything!

The sheen on the pearls is absolutely gorgeous. The apatite is an awesome color - have never used apatite in a design so this will be a real treat! The multi-faceted peridot rondelles are going to make some beautiful earrings, as will the obsidian drops (for me!) and the rhodochrosite. The sterling pendant is so much fun and the cones will be put to good use!

As always, you offer and deliver the best jewels and they arrive so quickly. Have always hated to order stones off the internet because quality can be a real issue. But from the first order, I have felt confident in what you sell - that's why I keep coming back! Besides, you seem like such a nice person! Wish when I was living in Texas that I could have met you face-to-face (:

Anyway, you have another ecstatic customer! Now, after my self-imposed break, I need to get busy designing!

Hope 2010 is better than your wildest dreams . . .
I love the turquoise cabs I purchased from you last week!! They arrived in the mail safe & sound – thank you for such quick shipping. After purchasing some lovely beads from you at the Austin Bead Society show a couple of years ago, I knew I could trust the quality of your products. I was looking for some turquoise cabs for a piece of jewelry for my mother. Turquoise is one of those things I know nothing about and am hesitant to buy even when I can see the product in person. But, I knew I could trust your quality and could purchase from your website without hesitation. Thank you for such wonderful cabs!!

I hope to meet you at one of the San Marcos Faux Bead Society meetings – I may try to get down there on Thursday.

Again, thank you!!
Hi Szarka:

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful quality of the Australian Grey Opal Graduated Rondelles (4 - 9 mm) and the Aquamarine Graduated Faceted Rondelles (8 mm) that I recently purchased from your website. I go through each bead to ensure it is whole and unscratched, and I found that these opals and aquamarines to be some of the best I've ever seen. The opals have a beautiful orange glow, and, while I expect inclusions and cloudiness in aquamarines, the ones I bought from you were excellent: 50% were exceptional in brilliance, clarity, and sparkle-- a much better percentage than I've gotten elsewhere. I am really pleased, and I will continue to order from you. Clearly you love these beautiful stones as much as I do!

Best wishes,

I love the stones you carry and have recommended you to a few people around forums who were looking for stuff. Your service is super, too, so I have no hesitation abut recommending your store to people.

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