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Hi, I just happened across your site while getting ideas for my wire wrap gemstones and sea glass.

The fact that you give away information, don’t insist personal information, has bought my business already.

To add to the joy (yes, I’m prone to hyperbole but I’m absolutely enchanted with your business model), you add stone treatment information rather than burying it somewhere.

It’s very important to me to be able to tell my customers the what’s been done to their stones, the quality, source and composition of the gems they buy.

I believe I’m the only vendor to have the FCC and AGIA disclosure booklets available at any festival I’ve attended.

You have a customer now and, if OK, I will use your page on stone treatments, with proper attribution of course, as a handout at my next festival the end of this month.

Brightest blessings,


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Stone Treatment Codes

(B) block
(C) coated
(D) dyed
(E) enhanced
(H) heated
(I) irradiation
(F) infused
(M) man made - synthetic
(N) natural
(O) oiled
(P) pressed
(S) stabilized
(W) waxed

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This pale-pink to lilac mineral is sometimes called the "evening stone" due to its tendency to fade in bright light; therefore, it should be protected from heat and light. It is a variety of the mineral spodumene that also produces hiddenite which is green. It is often heat treated which can help restore its color when it has faded. Kunzite may resemble pink topaz or rose quartz and it difficult to distinguish from pink tourmaline. Kunzite may appear different colors depending on the angle from which it is viewed, a phenomenon known as pleochroism. The stone comes from Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan and the U.S.A. While Kunzite is thought to release tension and stimulate poor circulation, it may also help create a balance between the physical and emotional bodies. Some say it can help alleviate fear brought on by others and increase the feeling of security. Kunzite is purported to enhance the capacity for devotion and understanding and bring inner peace.
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